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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last weekend


Last weekend was the first weekend of the Eugene Saturday Market’s Holiday Market.  As the sign says- “I have laryngitis.” It was a cold gone awry that settled in my throat and left me unable to speak above a whisper and now has improved to a gravelly ,froggy Brenda Vacarro impersonation.

I attempted to give our shoddy booth somewhat of a makeover this year. After 20 years of doing the market and using variations on duct tape and plastic pull ties it dawned on me that I have all this awesome malleable aluminum wire that I can make into useful and pretty spiral swirls that can hold up the electrical cords,the pretty curtains I picked up at Goodwill and the special canvas sides to our revamped booth.


I was overwhelmed by the generosity and help of my two dear long time marketeer girlfriends Nome aka Blessed Beads and Heather aka Ellie of Earnest Efforts.


Here is Nome in front of her gorgeous jewelry booth. She provided the canvas material for the sides.


Check out Nomes awesome boots. She and I share a love of shoes and the goodness of Zappos. She wears them so well.


This is Heather in her perfect woodsy booth. She sewed the sides together and hemmed them for me and put in the grommets.


Check out their amazing boxes they make from found wood.They even make their own knobs.

And so I give thanks to my home girls for getting my booth spiffed up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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