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Sunday, September 08, 2013

The forgotten trees still bear fruit

I’m thinking there is some sort of wise lesson here that I can interpret so that I

can feel good about myself. We planted a bunch of fruit trees way in the back of

our 4 acres and spent a ton of $ putting in drip lines. The lines quickly got clogged,

we had children, the business grew and those trees went very low on my priorities

list. But I decided to take a walk back there yesterday and low and behold the

King apple tree bears fruit that are not quite ripe yet.

Even the sad little Asian pear had 4 pears. I ate one and it was delicious!

The blackberries are in their prime right now.


These are our Grape Earrings. Although they also remind me of blackberries and

are so tiny I liked the way they look on the berries.

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