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Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Freddie the Turtle shawl / scarf pin

My parents asked me to try and come up with a turtle design so they could give
it as a gift to their good friend Freddie. I had been wanting to come up with a
turtle design and was pleased to have Freddie for the inspiration. Freddie is a
fellow my Dad met on the Albuquerque bike trail that he rides every day.  I have
never met him but my parent’s describe him as an ex- surfer from California with a
shaved head, tattoos including one of a turtle on the back of his head and ear
gauge plugs. He is very kind and generous and volunteered to help take my Mom
to the hospital and back and spend time with them in the hospital while my father
was  there for a week this winter. I just love picturing my nice  non tattooed 
Jewish 76 year old mother from Brooklyn hanging out with Freddie.  I made him
a turtle pendant in this design in sterling silver. I haven’t been able to recreate it
consistently in silver but it came out well and easily in my trusty aluminum wire.

This is the  Aluminum Turtle Spiral Shawl Pin now in our shop. Thanks Freddie!

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