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Friday, September 29, 2006

Dry Spell Over and Parenting Perfection Acheived

Well my Etsy dry spell for the month of September was broken this morning by a lovely customer who promptly paid for 2 pairs of earrings from our Etsy shop. This is one of the pairs that were sold today. I have plenty more so I relisted them. Here is the link to the Etsy page for these earrings. The Etsy high was still flowing when we discovered that the bathroom door was left open and Max found a toothbrush and was washing it in our nasty really needs to be cleaned toilet. (As if it would be OK if my toilet was cleaned regularly.) Yes, he then even put the toothbrush in his mouth before we got it away from him. That was the beginning of my hectic morning trying to get out of the house on time for my first day as the Mom that has to bring the snacks to preschool. Nick and I are in semi shock as our little baby boy started preschool this week. He loves it and says "goodbye " before I even get him out of the car.It's a parent co op preschool run by the community college so I have to do 6 volunteer days in the classroom either bringing snacks or doing an activity.
So of course I wanted to be a perfect Mom and bring the perfect snacks. I bought the obligatory tiny kid size muffin tin and since I am the lamest and laziest cook ever I also bought Betty Crockers Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix. They were a hit. I cubed up the giant loaf of colby cheese, put out the raisens and the crackers but really the icing on the cake of Mom perfection was the tiny perfect kid size delicious apples that we picked from our tree that put next to every kids plate. The teacher was doubtful that the kids would actually eat it if it wasn't cut into the slices they have come to expect. But I had higher expectations from these kids and they proved my parenting genius correct. Most of them ate their little perfect apple or at least had a few bites. Ha- so there teacher lady.
The extra exhausting part of this whole morning was that I had little 1 1/2 year old Max with me the whole time. I wisely brought the baby backpack which I used at times but he was a pain in the butt about half the time. He is going through some sort of difficult phase that I kind of remember from Henry at this age where he can't communicate well and usually when you know what he wants it's something he can't have anyway.Also,he must be teething again because his interest in food is limited and when he eats he ends up spitting out the masticated food just when you think he's actually swallowed. So I had a lovely smear of mashed colby cheese on my back and hair and all over him to deal with at one point this morning. Parenting is so glamorous.
And he's getting a cold. OK I'll cut the little screeching monkey some slack. He was totally adorable sitting in the little rocking chair with his bottle and baby doll he was gently patting on the back.
Now I must prepare for tomorrow's Saturday Market in Eugene.

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WalkerMom said...

Good job with the mini apples. I love it - now I know there really is "perfect parenting" and that it CAN be achieved!