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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Damn %#$! bees! I would love to swear in full words here but it seems somewhat inappropriate so I'll stick to the lame and whimpy symbols of cursing that we now acknowledge as acceptable on the web. Anyway... Damn MF bees. I got stung this morning on my hand through my gloves while cleaning out the stupid cat litter. It really hurts and has blown up my hand to a deformed yet disturbingly wrinkle free freak show. So in honor of the yellow jacket which I am assuming it was I have just listed my awesome bright yellow glass earrings on Etsy. How's that for a lead in?
Here's a delightful picture and link.

Nick has posted some of the latest cute pictures of our boys on his blog The Mechanical Philosopher.

The market yesterday was quiet and boring and uneventful. The minimum adequate amount of money was made and I was able to make a lot of jewelry while I was there which always makes me feel like the day wasn't a complete waste.

I will now go back to whining about my painful, warm, swollen bee stung hand.I hate bees.


Miss Cellania said...

I feel for you! Do you have any Benedryl? Thats the only remedy I can think of that doesn't smell like voodoo.

Felice Luftschein said...

I just took the benedryl now that the kids are asleep. but i think things have swollen too much now for it to be effective. I should have done the ice, amonia and baking soda treatments too but i didn't think it would swell up and continue to hurt all day. geez- tomorrow i'll post pictures of the freak show that is now my throbbing hand