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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Ornaments

The Spirals and Swirls Ornament

The Treble Clef Ornament

These are my 2 latest listing on Etsy. The Ornaments. Ta Da! I'm just like a big chain store gearing up for the holidays and pushing the holiday crap even before Halloween has come and gone. But really you could use these anywhere, anytime. Really.

They are made out of our lovely 9 gauge aluminum wire and hammered into perfection after the twisting is done. I have already had one inquiry about the treble clef from a perspective Canadian customer. Sadly I am such an idiot these days (which I mostly blame on lack of good sleep due to parenting) that I misspelled "clef" when I initially listed the ornament.I spelled it "cleff". Although it looked odd to me when I wrote it, rather than looking it up I put it into the search function of the Etsy site to see what other treble "cleff" items were out there. Sadly there were a few other morons like me that had it misspelled as well so I just assumed it was correct. Nick has now bookmarked for me so I have no more excuses. Maybe.

One of the reasons we are in the classic "who is more tired" contest today is that last night Henry fell asleep on the couch as 6:45pm. Now a "normal" almost 4 year old that falls asleep at that time who has had a full day of activities and no nap would probably stay asleep the whole night.I foolishly had hoped that Henry would do just that and Nick and I could have a glorious evening of quiet adult time relishing in our new reason for living -the new season of "Lost".So I put Henry in his big boy bed with the new Bob the Builder sheets and comforter that I scored earlier that day for $10 at the local thrift store. I even got the pull up on him without waking him up. Nick had his doubts about how successful this would all be. Once again he proved himself right.(Damn his ability to always be right.)At 9:30, right in the middle of "Lost", Henry woke up and could not be cajoled back to sleep. He was wide awake,refreshed and happy from his long late nap and ready for some good times. At least he was cooperative and in a good mood.We finally got to sleep at 12:30am without too much trauma. At least I made a bunch of jewelry while hanging out late at night while Nick entertained Henry some of the time with Legos.

Enough whining about tiredness.

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