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Monday, March 26, 2007


I have started focusing more on getting ready for the Eugene Saturday Market to start up again. It starts the first weekend in April. We paid our membership fees and reserved our same old reserve booth space on the corner of 8th and Park West across from the Farmer's Market. It's always a great break to get away from there after the holidays and have my weekends free. Etsy has really improved our income during those off months but it's not enough to keep me away from the market for good.
So I have started listed some stuff on Etsy that I have in stock that I won't be selling at the market like this 12k Gold Filled Double Spiral Necklace. The gold filled stuff never really did that well at the market. It's more of a silver crowd I guess. But it works really well in this design, one of our oldest.

I also started listing some of our big glass simple pendants. They look great as chokers on the hip young girls. The regular ladies can pull it off too but usually on a longer cord. Someday I'll get it together to provide a cord with a clasp or a chain. But todays not that day.
Henry has been quite the little helper these days. He helped me drill abalone the other day. We held the drill press handle together and pulled it down to drill the holes. We'll have him drilling those things on his own in no time. Maybe when he's 5.
He also went under the house with me to help me jack up the parts where the posts were just swinging freely, unattached to the ground. He handed me the wood I needed to slip into the space and went back and forth getting me drill bits etc. He told me he was my butler. You see, having kids really does pay off.

Here are some pictures of my little butlers. Apparently rowing with brooms doesn't get you very far in cousin Peter's canoe.
This picture is before Max but the paint brush up his nose .

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Miss Cellania said...

Ah, Henry and Max have grown considerably since I have seen them! They are SO cute. And I can understand the silver vs. gold crowd idea. I prefer silver myself. And that cobalt blue pendant grabbed me, because thats my favorite color.