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Saturday, January 26, 2008

More flowers even though it's snowing

Well it's definitely not spring around here but I've been making more spring flower earrings using my new czech glass beads. Lots of people use these beads ,especially all over Etsy but I'm hoping to add my own "twist" to them. Get it? "twist"?
These earrings are a smaller simpler version of the pair I posted about in my last blog entry.
Single Stem Purple and Periodot Flowers and Swirls Earrings.

These are Pretty in Pink Little Loops and Flowers Earrings. They have a nice pastel, soft pretty feel about them. Heck , even I would wear them.
This is our sleepy little engineer who passed out with his hands on the geo trax train controls in the tweety bird engineers seat.


Lizard said...

I hate it when you post earrings. I always want to buy them, even when they are soft and pastel-y and not what I usually wear. You are cruel.

And I love all those pics of kids falling asleep in the middle of things. Wherever I find those pics they make me happy. Max looks very sweet, asleep there on the yellow chair.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'twist' idea... too pretty!