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Thursday, August 21, 2008

some new things

After a brutally hot saturday at the Market with mediocre sales I might add, we headed into a week of cooler and wetter weather. While most unfortuitous if you are about to get your house painted it was ideal for taking new pictures of some new items.
I am at a loss for a clever name for these so if anyone can suggest an excellent name improvment I will send them a free pair !Really!
The name I have given them for now is Sterling Silver Celtic Spirals and Loops Column Earrings.

This is a new shawl pin/Hair pin design:
These are the match to our Groovy Flower Power Pendants in sterling silver and also in aluminum. It was request by a customer at the Saturday Market. I've since sold a few more at the market and knew it was time to bring them to Etsy.
This week my parents are visiting from Albuquerque, N.M.
I just registered my baby boy Henry for Kindergarten today!
How did that happen?!!


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Congrats to Henry! What a big step!

As for the earrings..Hmmmm..I will think about it and get back! I like them!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said... about
Sterling Silver Swirls and Whirls earrings???

Or Keltic Kinesis earrings!

That must be the hardest part of the job aside from baking in the heat!

Felice Luftschein said...

I like those Mimi n moe's mom!
My Mother in law just emailed me a good name too-
Double tip , Shamrock Flip
She couldn't get in to leave a comment on the blog so I'll put her's here for her.

Trista Hill said...

Hi, there -- I love your work -- my friend bought a treble clef shawl pin from you this year; she made a "healing shawl" when I really needed it and included the pin with it. It is perfect! I looked you up and found you lived in Philomath, which is where I grew up, and that you actually made a post about the pin on my birthday. So now of course you are in my list of blogs to check every day. : )

I love your new earrings. To me they look like resurrection lilies -- the pink ones that grow high and tall and have no foliage. The bottom part looks like a sturdy root system that I imagine would need to be there to support the height of the lilies. Maybe "Resurrection Lily Earrings"?

Here's more on the flower.

Felice Luftschein said...

Trista!-Wow, How neat that you grew up in Philomath and i posted on your birthday!
I love hearing stories about where my jewelry has gone and what it has meant to people.
You know i thought the earrings had a plant feel to them too buyt i couldn't quite place it. I sort of had a corn stalk feeling about them but your idea of the resurrection Lily is much more poetic and appropriate.
Thsi is going to be hard to pick from these great names!

Anonymous said...

hmm... I'm at a loss for ideas, but how about 'Standing Tall'...

They look like tall flowers to me.

I dunno... they are lovely though!!!

WalkerMom said...

How about "Wizard Whirls?" We're reading Harry Potter, the 1st one again. They are very pretty! Good luck deciding the name.

Linda --the other one said...

From Tacy, "twinkles"
From Chloe-"celtic columns"
From moi- "celtic reflections"

Linda --the other one said...

From Tacy--"twinkles"
From Chloe--"celtic columns"
From moi--"celtic reflections"

Linda--the other one