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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Double Swirl Shamrock Whirl

It was REALLY HARD to pick a new name from all your good suggestions! I wish I could have picked every one and done Sterling Silver Celtic Wizards Swirls and Whirls Standing Tall Resurrection Lily Flip Twinkles but somehow that doesn't sound right.

But I came up with a mix of Mimi amd Moe's Mom's "Celtic Swirls and Whirls" and June's "Double Tip Shamrock Flip"

I included the "Sterling Silver" part because I think it helps in the Etsy search system to have it in the title.
So Mimi and Moe's Mom- send me your address ( Via etsy convo or email) and I'll send you a pair of earrings and Nick's mom June will be getting a pair too.
Thanks for participating everyone!


Trista Hill said...

I love the name of the earrings!!! Very appropriate. I also think it was particularly fun to invite your readers to submit names.

I had to ask my parents for a little more info on where we were in Philomath. I was born in Corvallis, but we lived at the junction of Evergreen Road and Walden Lane, in a red farm house. There was a lot of land and we had a huge garden and so many fruit trees, grapevines, and a blackberry field! We refinished the upper story. I think someone added onto it now, and possibly an herbalist now lives there?

So great to know you -- as I've said before (and it bears repeating), I just love your work.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Thanks so much! I sent my address to you thru etsy! I can't wait! Thanks! :)