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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is this?

So I've had a little time to screw around with some ideas. So far none have been all that successful but it's all a "process" as the artist types like to say. I've always wanted to make more useful objects that are pretty but functional. This is one of the latest experiments. What is it?

It's made using the same 9 gauge aluminum wire I've been using for everything-hanging vases, ornaments, jewelry, shawlpins.

The original intention was a soap dish. But it is oddly shaped and too small for a conventional soap bar.

Your special leaf holder? Trivet? Nick suggested it could hold one ball of yarn.I'm thinking that there isn't a large market for such an item.
I'll keep working on the soap dish idea and I'll take any new ideas out there.

On the home front Henry has been really enjoying the wii. Max doesn't seem to really care much about it. It's too hard for his little 3 year old mind and hands to work well.But he has been obsessed with drawing in his new Justice League coloring book and markers from Aunt Michelle.

Pay no attention to the filthy house surrounding my kids.They don't seem to mind.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

That is awesome! I really like it. I think the use is up to the imagination of the buyer!!!! And decorative soaps would fit...we don't use those in our house! but, lots of people do...I think it could be used for all sorts of things. I would like to see my husband drop his keys, wallet, and work ID in something like that every night vs. the top of the air purifier!
Have a great week! Karen

Lizard said...

bad soap dish-- it is intricate and lovely and lacy and will get gooped with soap and become gloopy and disgusting.

however, a small colored glass bowl in it would become a lovely candy dish or bowl for marbles or whatever. Or it could hold river rocks on the coffee table, were one the sort to have a coffee table.

I like the keys and ID and wallet idea, too.

WalkerMom said...

It's obviously a necarine holder! Whatever you'd use it for, it really is very pretty.

Da Man said...

My vote goes for banana or fruit holder. If you wash your fruit first, then you can air it out on this dish prior to eating.

Felice Luftschein said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'm not convinced this is any sort of saleable object at this point. especially considering how much I would have to charge for the time it took to make.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a soap dish to me! Even if it is a bit small, I like how raw the soap in the dish looks, not to perfect or catalog-ish. I suppose you could make it bigger if you wanted, but I like it just as it is. :)

And, the other thing that came to mind, was a biz card holder? Hmmm...

Cool dish though, either way!

Why not try making a round shape or even a square, and fitting a piece of glass inside? So you can put more things in there that won't fall out... ♥