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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring break


It’s spring break here in Philomath Oregon.In between the rain we get some lovely sun  or “not rain” breaks.


We have a bunny visitor for the week. We are bunny sitting “Phoenix”. I consented in order to alleviate my clearly irrational guilt that I was not giving my kids a super awesome and special spring break. While very cute, she is not really the kind of pet you pick up and cuddle with, unless you enjoy scratch marks and bites. As Henry said, “She is cute on the outside and evil on the inside.”


The snowbells are in full bloom.


The daffodils are on.


The first tulip has bloomed.

purple flowers

And those lovely purple things are up and out. I love my early spring perennials that require ZERO maintenance.


Jan E O said...

Great photos. Way to capture Oregon spring.

Anonymous said...

Love the snow bells!

Happy spring!