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Saturday, September 15, 2012

What’s been happening?

Lot’s of things. We painted the kids room a couple of weeks ago. It was long overdue.

I had forgotten how much I dislike painting.

We had to paint over Henry’s wall art from when he was little. So we took some

pictures to save it for posterity. The room is now a lovely “Emerald Coast” teal.

I had to bribe the kids to let me take pictures of them in Stephanie’s shirts for her website:

Sasquatch Designs


I took the kids to the Shrewsbury Renaissance Fair Last Saturday. It was a beautiful

setting with perfect weather.


Yet somehow the most interesting part for the kids was Ye Olde Port- a Potty.

I had to drag them away from the sink you pump with your foot after patiently waiting

for them to lose interest for about 15 minutes.

Nick is getting birthday punches from his boys before diving into his cheesecake.

I made him his annual birthday vegetarian sushi.


Henry’s first day of school as a fourth grader.

One of the more exciting things happening around here is the long awaited pouring

and construction of a humungous concrete back patio. It will have a little overhang

built too. It’s like a little slab of Brooklyn in my Oregon paradise.

There is lots of exciting things happening in our business too. We just sent off our

first shipment to “Made In Oregon” of our Little Glass Flower Earrings.


They will be in all 11 stores! We have other big news but until the deal is signed

and completely on I will keep it secret.

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