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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our annual Muddy Creek Corn Maze day family fun

For many years now we have been going to the Muddy Creek Corn Maze.

I’ll be sad when the kids are too old to want to go. This might be my favorite family picture ever.

This one came out pretty good without Max the goofball in it.

Cute kids- Lauren, Henry and Max

Nick made a new friend. Or rather I made him stand next to it  so I could take the picture.

Children of the corn- Henry and Aidan.

Ahhh the Moo Train. Max was terrified and wanted me to ride with him but the

owner said it would be too heavy so he had to man up and go alone. He ended

up facing his fears and loving it and went a second time. The picture is of Henry

who had no fear,only excitement. And our friends the Mayfields are behind him.

Hark, I see a pumpkin.

The always cute Kai and lovely Mom Amy with Ryan and Nick on the wagon ride.

Max looking jolly.

Good times!

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