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Friday, March 29, 2013

Change is at hand

This time of year we are usually starting to get stressed about getting

our Saturday Market booth out and display spruced up. But not this

year. After careful thought  and budget reviews and listening to the

inner whine and sometimes not so inner whine, we have decided to

take an official leave of absence from the Eugene Saturday Market

and Holiday Market.


We are grateful to the Saturday Market for giving us the opportunity for 22 years

(!!!!!!!) to grow our little jewelry business.  But it’s time for a sabbatical as my

Mom put it. We worked hard  and spent many many days in the bitter cold rain

and scalding heat, driving an hour each way to sell our stuff face to face with

our customers. Then Etsy came along almost 7 years ago and changed everything.

We have the option to return next year to our reserved booth spaces. But for now

we are savoring the freedom of enjoying the weekends and not getting up even

earlier than we do the rest of the week. I am so not a morning person.

  As we get older the knowledge that our time is precious becomes pounded into us. It became 

clear that this is the time to take a break from the weekend market lifestyle and enjoy

hanging with the kids and relaxing.

Good luck and best wishes for a great new selling season to all our friends at Saturday

Market. I hope our prime corner spot on the corner of 8th and west Park serves

the new booth holder well!

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