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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top Sellers for a day!

This past weekend was better than usual for the opening Holiday Market weekend. It's usually pretty slow and it wasn't amazing but it was better than previous years so that's good. We had some orders on our Etsy shop too. Then on Monday we had our best day so far on Etsy. We ended up in a treasury that made it to the Etsy homepage. We sold more than we have sold on any other day and made the coveted Top Sellers list of the past 24 hours on is a screen shot of our name in bright lights or rather dim font on the bottom right column.
For those unaware of all this Etsy nonsense, is a site devoted to keeping up to date statistics of Etsy sales.
I spent a large part of the day packaging those 29 items and then more that came later. But now the rush is over and I can try to get back to making stuff for the Holiday Market. Our house is a filthy pigsty but I'm too tired and validated in other ways to care.
Happy almost Thanksgiving to all the Americans celebrating the feast of bloating relaxation. I can't wait to just sit down and eat for a little while with some friends and family and not hold a pair of pliers in my chubby little man hands for a few hours.

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Faden said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous. If I had more money I would totally give you some. :(