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Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Celtic Knot Cross earrings in our shop

I've added 2 new earrings to our Etsy shop. Once again they are based on older designs and really just needed to be made in sterling silver as earrings.

Loopy Bliss Cross Sterling Silver Wire Earrings

Celtic Knot Infinity Swirl Cross Sterling Silver Earrings
I needed to charge more than I usually do for our sterling silver wire earrings for these because they are really tricky to make match and they actually use a lot of wire. I don't expect them to sell quite as well because of the price but I've got to be realistic about my time and cost of materials for my products if I want to make a living.
Yesterday was a decent day at Saturday Market. It was very busy with the Eugene Track and Field competition and the beginning of the Bach Festival in town and the weather was lovely warm and sunny. For a while it seemed like customers were mostly looking and shopping around before making their decisions but in the end it added up to a good enough day.
This week the kids start their swimming classes and our full on summer of long days of sibling fighting and boredom sets in.
I'm rethinking the camp thing...

1 comment:

Andromache said...

I've just discovered your stuff and its great!
its hard to find new celtic designs..and I'm not imaginative lol
I don't think 22.50 is expensive for those earrings, they look really nice!