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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day



My sweet little Max wanted to get dressed up for his kindergarten class Valentine’s day Party.We got this perfect little suit at Goodwill for $8 a couple of weeks ago that he really liked.


Nick is on the way out to do errands. He has our packages to bring to the post office, checks in his front pocket to deposit at the bank AND our change chicken. What’s that you may ask? Doesn’t everyone have a change chicken? My lovely mother–in-law gave us the chicken that is actually supposed to be a cookie jar. It says “cock a doodle doo” randomly when you lift it’s head to open it. We use it as a change jar. Well it was filled to the brim so it was time to cash that sucker in. Hilarity always ensues when we bring it in to the bank. Our small town bank still uses a change counting machine.Sometimes you can hear the chicken singing “cock a doodle doo” in the back room as the change is being poured into the machine. Good times.


Laura Altobelli said...

that suit rocks!

Laura Altobelli said...

that suit rocks!!!

Felice Luftschein said...

Thanks Laura! He had a substitute teacher today because his teacher was out sick and she asked if he was good at music because he looks like a musician in the suit.

My Blessings From Above said...

Love the suit! He sure is handsome!
I used to have a cow cookie jar that would moo! Never thought of keeping change in it! :-)

Anonymous said...

That's so great your bank will let you bring change in like that! I think ours would tell us to take a hike! ha! Maybe not, but I've seen those change counters at the grocery stores, so I just assumed that banks wouldn't do such things anymore... love the chicken, totally cute way to use it!

Oh yah, and Max is quite the little man isn't he? :D