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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hearts Galore

I’ve been a busy little beaver adding lots of copper and brass into the shop. This week in keeping with the Valentines day theme I added these Spiral Love Heart Pins and the Pendant.


Spiral Love Heart Brass Shawl Pin or Brooch


Spiral Love Heart Copper Shawl Pin or Brooch


Celtic Heart and Spirals Copper Pendant

It’s been a whole new learning experience working with copper and brass. They are significantly harder than silver and aluminum which makes the noise louder when I hammer the wire. I’m kind of a weirdo and like hammer with my little anvil on my thigh. I realized that after a few months of doing this with the copper and brass that my thigh was feeling sore. I am probably slowly chipping away little fractures into my thigh bone. So I now put a bunched up sweater on my thigh under the anvil to buff the blows of the hammering. Nick tells me that jewelers in India traditionally use their legs to work metal with so I’m probably not all that weird.It just feels like a natural more controlled way to manipulate the wire than hammering on a bench. And less noisy.


This is a picture from 2008.

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