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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Brass and Copper Pins

I’ve been working on my plan to make all or most of our designs in copper and brass and add them to our Etsy shop.I added these yesterday.


Spiraling Full Circle Brass Shawl Pin or Brooch


Madonna Swirl Brass Shawl Pin or Brooch


Unfurling Tulip Lyre Brass Shawl Pin


Spiraling Full Circle Copper Shawl Pin or Brooch


Dancing Waves and Swirls Copper Shawl Pin / Hair pin or Brooch

I was experimenting with some new books to use as props for the photos. Nick was sick in bed that day with a cold and I didn’t want to wake him up and get the usual books I use that I keep in the bedroom. Luckily our house is overrun with books as anyone who has seen it will attest to. So I was able to come up with some new variations on my theme.And once again it was a perfect overcast day for taking photographs with my particular camera too.

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