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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Living Large

Big Light Weight Snakey Squigly Aluminum Earrings

Loopy Bliss Cross Aluminum Earrings
I've been having a lot of fun lately smashing aluminum wire with my hammer. I had a vision of these big funky urban yet primitive earrings and I just sort of went with it. I really love them and think they look great but they don't really work with my semi rural Oregon Mom lifestyle. It just seemed like aluminum was the perfect medium for doing the big funky statement earring because it is so light weight. I made the earwires out of 20 gauge sterling silver which is a little thicker than the earwires I normally purchase from Abeada. Those little wires didn't fit around the 9 gauge aluminum and they needed something more substantial to fit their proportions.

They haven't sold yet but I keep listing them on Etsy in the hope that someone else will get my vision. Of course that's always the hope of the jeweler isn't it? We had very good sales in February which fed our fragile egos but March is having the opposite effect.
Here is the link for the Big Spiral Swirl Aluminum Light Weight Earrings.

I think I'll smash some more aluminum now...

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WalkerMom said...

I like the new earrings. Nice work. Don't get discouraged about March just yet. It's only just begun. People will start buying those St. Patrick's Day gifts real soon now!