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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gardens, Goats and Hexes

Well apparently you can put a hex on yourself when you proclaim your success on your blog even though I thought I took all proper anti voodoo wood knocking precautions. As soon as I posted my last blog post all our Etsy sales dried up. We went 4 days without a sale. We broke the dry spell with the sale of one of my aluminum big wire earrings on friday night.
I went to the market yesterday. It was pretty darn cold and sales were barely adequate especially for the day before Mother's Day. I drank my whole thermos of coffee by 2 and ate every crumb of food I brought with me while trying to keep my toes from going numb.
Well the good thing about not having a lot of sales is that there isn't a lot of jewelry to be made and we can focus more on the other stuff in life that really is more fun and important anyway. Nick has been mowing like a madman. When you have 3.8 acres there is nothing sexier than your man mowing (except as Nome pointed out, your man on a tractor mowing.) But since we don't have a tractor our DR Mower will have to do. We now have our garden area under control so the boys and I took to weeding and adding some bags of real good soil to our hard clay and infertile dirt we call a garden. We planted the mandatory bed of pumpkins and then some peas and beans. Today we planted some basil seeds.

Henry , the forlorn gardener.

Max, the thoughtful gardener.

We now have new squaters on our land too! Our wonderful hardworking neighbors Chris and Shelley ran out of pasture land for their flock of 4 goats and Mama Lama the guardian lama .So on friday Chris took his tractor with the mower attachment to our place and carved out a huge area for them to fence. They fenced it all in one day and now these guys are here in our back 40 (or rather 4) eating up all the nastiness that we can't get under control.

Hey good lookin'.

Max enjoys his goat friend.

I call him sweet ears.

And of course I couldn't post without adding one new pair of earrings. These are my newest giant crazy big aluminum earrings. I sold a pair last week to a young funky hip girl who liked having something dangling inside the middle of a big hoop on her ears. Hopefully others will have the same desire.


Anonymous said...

the goats seem like a nice addition to the compound there. can you still walk the back 40 loop?

Felice Luftschein said...

Well we take a little detour now to the gravel road/driveway to the west of our place and come up and around the back to shut off the electical fence before we continue.

BetteJo said...

I just read several of your posts and had a smile on my face the whole time! Adorable little boys! And I have a cat who pukes regularly if I don't give him his stool softener of all things! It's an oral medication thank God!! :)