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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

to market, to market...

Well it's time to squeeze in some blogging into the already overfilled seconds of my life. Henyr is eating mac -n- cheese (the "white" kind ie. safeway organic brand) for breakfast and Max is having his billionth sippy cup of watered down juice. Bob the builder is temporarily keeping their attention. So that's how I do all this in case you were wondering- How does she do it all?This is what my booth looks like on the corner of 8th and Park on saturdays after I've gotten everything out of the car. It is usually about 9:20am at this point.

This is how it looks when everything is finally set up a mere 40 to 50 minutes later.

This is the big breadwinner
board of aluminum earrings. Please note the signs to the left which say "Light Weight Aluminum Earrings-with Sterling Silver Earwires"
Apparently they are invisible to most humans.
All day long I hear the potential customer say, "Those look really heavy " with a disappointed and disapproving tone. I cheerfully say in my I -think- you -are -all -so- smart- and -clever-really tone
"But they're not! They're aluminum!" (What a miracle !)
And then the PC (potential customer) picks it up and says "oh you're right! It is so light! But I can't wear that in my ears. They are too sensitive.
And again I say cheerfully because I love everybody, especially when they give me their money in exchange for my goods)
" The earwires are sterling silver!"
The PC then says something like " Really? They are? ohhhh!"
And this conversation repeats itself all day long with the intermittent PC becoming an actual paying customer. Occasionally after this conversation they say
"oh look, it says it right here."
Yes indeed it does. But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of having this conversation with you.... and you and you and you.

This is Elizabeth ,my market comrad who has been selling at the market as long as we have and is set up across from us. I stare at her booth all day long. I am delighted that she has temporarily moved on from the incense business especially as the allergy season commences and her extra layer of incense filled air really exasperates the twitchy allergy nose. She is now making faux dessert candles.

And now for the mandatory cute pictures of the boys:

How did my big brother get up there?

I did it! He actually was saying that when I took this picture.
Well Bob the Builder has lost their attention and I can no longer ignore my children. Nick is at an auction today so I guess I better figure out what the heck Max is freaking out about. dodo's?


Sales Rack Raider said...

Very cool setup! You guys are so organized.

Re: the signs you had to tape up--I wish that people would take the time to read. It's really not that hard!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

Your booth is so pretty! We will all have to come down to the Saturday Market this summer to visit you. Thanks for coming to our party yesterday!