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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Etch A Puke

I haven't blogged much because nothing all that exciting or interesting has been happening. Life is good and going well and that's just too boring to share. The market has been overwhelmingly lucrative and I am pleased as punch. A sweet red juicy sugar laden punch.
The new earring design that I blogged about in my last post have been selling really
well on Etsy. I seem to have found an appreciative audience for my crazy aluminum scheme. The dragonfly wirework earrings are doing quite well too. Who knew people are crazy for dragonflies? I DID!
Well here's something exciting that just happened as I sat here blogging. My disgusting fat annoying cat is throwing up all over the Etch A Sketch on our couch. The Etch A Sketch caught practically all of it. Hooray! One extra layer of filthy nastiness that won't reach my already filthy nasty couch. I tell you, life is just too good these days. Which of course is a scary statement to make out loud because then you have to knock on wood or do some other sort of anti bad luck voodoo dance before the good luck disappears and something horrible happens.
I guess I better go clean up that mess. Or maybe I'll just leave it for Nick to discover when he thinks he can sit down and relax on the couch.
Oh, the picture above is of our Sterling Silver Stamped Lizard Earrings. I carved the die for that many years ago before we had kids and I had time for reverse carving in steel. We just listed it today for the first time on Etsy.
Uggg- I hear the sounds of cat puking going on in the other room. Somehow I don't think there are any other lucky toys to catch the puke on this time. I guess the good luck is over.

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Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

I am so glad things are going well and that the market money is pouring in! Hope to see you guys soon.