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Sunday, May 20, 2007

sprouting seeds and head wounds

The sunflower seeds have started to grow!

This is a new design Icall Sterling Silver Vining Spiral Oval or something like that. I decided to start taking the big chunky aluminum stuff down a notch and do some more delicate sterling silver wirework again. Didn't sell them yesterday but I did have a customer tell me they looked like a paper clip. Thanks. Of course Henry had said the same thing but coming from a 4 year old, it's cuter.

I just listed these too. Big Chunky Chain Light Weight Aluminum Earrings.

Well the weather men were off again but this time in my favor. No rain! hooray! It was 10 degrees warmer than last week which made a big difference in over all comfort level and sales.
The freakiest/saddest part of the day was when an old man in a wheelchair assumed (and rightly so) that there was wheelchair access on the end of the curb right in front of my booth. Sadly there was no dip and he went off the curb, causing him to fall over and smash his head on the ground. There was blood pouring out of a huge gash in his head which I did not see but heard detailed accounts of. Luckily the woman looking at my jewelry at that moment was a nurse. She was instantly on the scene applying pressure to the bloody giant head wound and more nurses spontaneously arrived and 911 was called by at least 2 people right away. This situation reaffirmed my belief that I am not meant to be a nurse. But I am grateful for all of you out there who have the calling and can handle the emergency bloody head wound situation with calm and dignity instead of wanting to puke and run away crying.
I thought it disturbing that it took about 10 minutes for the paramedics and fire department to get there when the fire station is 2 blocks away. It was also disturbing that they did not think it was part of their job or a good idea to wash down the giant pool of blood covering the street corner. Yuck.
I particularly enjoyed the idiot hippy dad who watched his son put his hand down in the blood and said- "look, it's the old man's blood."

Well the event was not good for sales. But it was all over except for the bloody residue after about half an hour. The market personal did a minimal cleanup and life went on. Hopefully the man will be alright. I really hope so. He had no family or friends with him at the time and the nurse said he was a stroke victim who had no use of one side of his body.

But the seeds are sprouting...