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Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Family Vacation to Albuquerque


We took our first big family vacation this past week to visit my parents who live in Albuquerque New Mexico. My brother and his family met us there too.


It was Max’s first time on a an airplane.Unfortunately the turbulence was extreme the entire flight. It got even worse as we landed in Albuquerque during hurricane force winds.The kids started goofing around yelling “We’re going down! The wing is falling off!” Funny yet not so funny.The plane was rocking from the wind even after we landed and were disembarking.


This is Nick in full on flying anxiety mode. He is chomping on gum while trying not to whimper like a baby in front of his new friend Fred from Southie who was entertained by Nick’s constant chatting.


Albuquerque has an excellent aquarium.


Mom and Dad aka Fran and Joe at the zoo.


My family watching the chimpanzees. The chimps came right up to the window and plopped themselves down right next to us. We were maybe a foot away from them on just the other side of the plexi glass.


She then began to work on popping her man’s zit while their baby played. Then they gave each other a big hug.



We took the train through the Bio Park from the Aquarium to the Zoo.


The next day my Mom and I took the 4 kids on the Sandia Tram. The weather was perfect, calm and clear.



Henry and Max enjoying the view on the tram.


The next day we went to the Petroglyphs National Monument.


It was hard to tell which were the real petroglyphs and which were the graffiti made by the stupid morons who thought they should deface them for all posterity.




The guys


Nick took this picture of all of us in Old Town.

Now we are home and catching up on work. Both of us have colds and are exhausted while the kids continue to run around like maniacs.

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Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family, and looks like you had a great time too! Hope coming home hasn't been too bad... this weather has been ugly lately. ;)