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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aluminum Market Debut

Well I finally managed to get my butt and all my stuff to the market this past Saturday. Once again the weather forecasters were mistaken in their predictions but it was good enough. No, it was not warm and sunny for most of the day, but overcast and chilly. It took me forever to set up as I discovered all the little things that I could have done earlier to make things go more smoothly. Luckily I had little pieces of scrap aluminum wire to keep together some of the hanging displays that were missing crucial screws that got lost somewhere along the way.

And that's not all that aluminum is good for. My new line of big bold aluminum earrings were a hit! I sold about 8 pairs once I figured out that I needed to have a little sign next to them saying " Light Weight Aluminum Earrings". The light weight factor is the key since they kind of have a big heavy industrial look to them that could scare you away.

As I lay awake at 5:30 am this morning after the annoying cat woke me up for no good reason other than he couldn't get outside because the screen door was closed and covered up his cat door, I thought of some new earring ideas and came up with these:

I call them "Ebb and Flow Swinging Spiral Aluminum Earrings".

Today the allergies officially began for me. The itchy eyes, face,nose,sniffly snorty coughing scratchy annoying allergies that can make me irritable. I usually don't get this way until June but it has come early this year for many people and I knew my turn was coming. Oh well.
The other spring related news is that Nick finally got our trusty old DR Mower running. We knew we were getting behind in the mowing when we were losing the children in the grass in the front yard.
I'm off to snort and sniffle now and dream of aluminum spirals.

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